Welcome to PimPy’s documentation!

What’s PimPy

PimPy for Indexing Multimedia with Python (or Platform for Indexing Multimedia with Python)

The aim of this module is to provide a convenient and high level API to manage common multimedia indexing tasks.

This project comes from INRIA/IRISA TEXMEX research team works. For more information, see http://www.irisa.fr/texmex/

PimPy allow to :

  • retrieve media features, such as :
    • video histogram
    • binarize dct descriptor
    • ...
  • detect video cuts
  • search a video segment in another video (content based retrieval)
  • etc ....

Download & Source Code

Python tarballs and Debian packages :
Source code :

Software design

Software design was created to offer a simple framework. It must allow to extend easily this library with new features.

For each media, features are written in their module dans instanciate via FeatureFactory class (pattern factory method) so new descriptors could be easily added.

Multimedia decoder in this current version is based on GStreamer.


Run it with :

python tests/main.py


  • GIST image descriptor are provided by pyleargist module :
  • OpenCV for some features
  • GPGPU implementation require pycuda module (in progress)


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